Who Is Rob Luna?

Rob Luna is an independent music producer from New York City, NY who started making music and remixes at the early age of 11.  The love of music creation is what led him to eventually start up his own production business called “Rob Luna Music” back in the summer of 2012.

Rob is a saavy, self-taught beatmaker and creator that has collaborated with hundreds of independent rappers, singers, beatmakers, producers and even DJs from all over the world.

His spontaneous style influences his creativity, giving his music a broad and refreshing attitude that really feels genuine. Instead of trying to gain as many fans as possible, he focuses on just having fun with the music creation process.

His production work has been featured on several “Got Instrumentals” mixtape releases featured alongside producers such as Mike WiLL Made It, Metro Boomin, Vybe, Lex Luger and DJ Mustard and also on “Full Breach Mixtapes”.

Rob has a modest philosophy when it comes to the music business:

I am not about using my craft as a means for fame or fortune,  but rather as a way to grow and maintain my passion to create ART that inspires others.

Beatmaker On Soundcloud

Much of Rob’s instrumental beats can be heard on his Soundcloud.com/Robluna page, where his beats have received over 3 Million REAL streaming plays since 2014 and as of 2021 he has gained a following of over 12k fans!

Industry Recognition

Rob is a member of ASCAP. Many artists and celebrities have even shouted out or mentioned Rob Luna. He has been acknowledged by fans and authors on prestigious sites such as Wikipedia, Discogs and Genius.com.

Check out DJ Envy as he drops a shout out to Rob Luna Music.


“Double O” produced by Rob Luna and Beatnokka

The Mixtape Hub

Rob was affiliated as a promoter with the Mixtape Hub (between 2014-2019) until the site was shut down.

Full Breach Mixtapes

You can still listen to them here: RobLunaMusic.com/Full-Breach-Mixtapes (no longer FullBreachMixtapes.com)

The “Full Breach Mixtapes” series had 5 volumes and they were all created by Rob to feature song collaborations with many talented rappers, singers from all over the world.  The tapes were are all hosted by DJ’s like Power 105’s DJ Envy, DJ Noize, the world famous DJ Kurupt, DJ Bobby Black a.k.a The Ruler and even the great legendary DJ Ron G!

What Is Rob Up To These Days?

Today, Rob Luna is currently working on re-branding himself as an instrumental artist for 2022 and has plans to release solo instrumental music projects.

Rob Luna Music® is a registered trademark.