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Album Cover Design

When shopping for album cover designs for your music release, there are 2 main ways to go about it.

Custom Designs

The first way to go is the “custom made” cover designs route. This pretty much involves you finding a graphics artist out there that can take your vision and then design it for you.

Their work may or may not include revisions (which are changes that you ask for if you don’t like something etc). This process can also typically cost hundreds up to thousands of dollars, depending on their skill set and ego/reputation. Also, depending on their schedule, their turn around time can take from a few days all the way up to months for delivery.

Pre-made Designs

The second approach is what we like to consider the simplest and smartest choice. Buying pre-made album cover designs (from us especially) is very economical and always exclusive. This means that once you purchase one of our designs, no one else gets the same one.  Also, once you make a purchase using our shopping cart, delivery is automatic and fast to your email inbox.

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