All about Mixtapes


Mixtapes are a great tool for additional promotion to create a fan base or maintain your current fan base. They are often used by artists to get/maintain attention during tours or between albums or even before a major single release.  Mixtapes can also be a great way to use all of that material that was recorded but didn’t make it to an album or project.

Getting started

The first step is to arrange a good selection of songs. You might want to be at around 12-15 songs, more or less. Some artists/bands prefer to record new material for a mixtape, which is fine. You can make your own version/remix of popular songs, using the song’s instrumental beat. For the most part, it is important to mostly use beats that no one else is using on their mixtapes, it helps your mixtape be as unique as possible.

The DJ

Find/hire a really good DJ. A good mixtape not only features your original songs but also the work of a talented DJ.  You can find someone who does a lot of scratching and mixing of the music or someone who enjoys talking over the music. Just do your research, make sure you find a DJ that will best represent your music style and taste.  Once you have all your tracks, send them to the DJ, he/she might have to put songs in the best order. Have a basic idea about how you want your mixtape to flow, but be open to hearing the DJ’s suggestions.

The Cover Art

Call up the talented artist or graphic designer. Get them to make you a really cool cover for your mixtape. It may be good to let the cover designer hear some of the music on your mixtape. It will help with the inspiration behind the cover art. Work with the cover designer to get exactly what you think would best represent your project.

You can also go the route of using Premade Cover Art.

Build Hype

Once you have the cover, let everyone know on your website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to be on the lookout for your Mixtape.  Set a release date that makes sense.  Try to give it at least a week from when you announce it to when it drops.  Look at how others are mostly doing it, some are right down to the exact time, you might want to release it when most people have access to it (like when they are home from work, or when no big sporting events are on TV, etc).


Once you have your mixtape and release date comes, post it up everywhere.  Datpiff, MixtapeHub,, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, YouTube… go crazy, the more the better.

Here is a good list of the best places to upload your mixtape.

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