Best sites to upload mixtapes. (Reviews, pros, cons) 2024

Best sites to upload mixtapes (reviews, pros, cons of each)

There hundreds of websites and blogs out there where you can post your mixtape.

However, the most popular ones are likely to get you the most listens and downloads.


This the most popular and respected site for mixtapes. It is considered as a main source for mixtapes & DJ mixes. Many other mixtape websites require you to upload your mixtape to Datpiff first so it can then link to there.  Datpiff offers “Sponsored” downloads for your fans, which is great because otherwise your fans would have to click on CAPTCHA ads and wait to download.

Link: DatPiff


Spinrilla is definitely a dope (and definite must) site to get our mixtape up on.  They have their own app for iPhone and Android users which definitely adds value.

Link: Spinrilla

This is a very well known site & respected site for mixtapes.  It is considered difficult to get an account on Livemixtapes, however, you can always pay a DJ (that has an account) to upload it for you.  Their downloads tend to be slow at times and even if your fans log in, they make them click on CAPTCHA ads.   But if you can get past that, it’s a must to get on it!

Link: Livemixtapes

Mixtape Hub

The folks over at the Mixtape Hub run a clean and fast growing website, no pop ups and every user gets free downloads but best of all they offer CHEAP mixtape promo packages.  Each mixtape posting can serve almost like a mini landing page where you can have a custom background, embedded YouTube and Soundcloud players and links to your social media & website!

Link: The Mixtape Hub


Coast to coast is somewhat cluttered these days and have lost a bit of traffic. They offer detailed distribution reports such as email marketing efforts, website impressions, how many blogs/sites have your mixtape etc. It is required to upload to Datpiff first and if you are not a DJ, then you need to get one to host/upload it for you.

Link: Coast2Coast


A very well known and respected site for hiphop singles, mixtapes & videos.

Link: HNHH

Thatcrack / IceCreamTapes / AllMixtapeLinks

DJ Fade ran the site called ThatCrack which became Ice Cream Tapes for a short while… Today the site is called All Mixtape Links and they charge a one time fee to upload. But be warned, the site is loaded with spam pop-ups.

Link: AllMixtapeLinks


A great site for mixtapes focused on bit torrent distribution. Once they seed, torrents are less likely & harder to be taken down.  You need to get an account with upload permissions through their site forum.

Link: Mixtape Torrent


Another very well known and respected site that focuses on mixtape downloads & streaming.

Link: Mixtape Factory


Similar to Mixcloud, except its more commercialized and geared more towards singles & DJ mixes.

Link: Beatport

This site is often overlooked for mixtapes, but its a perfect place as you can get comments, offer free downloads and it gets indexed by Google pretty quick.


Link: Soundcloud


Mixcloud is another great site geared more towards DJ mixes, but perfect for mixtapes too.  You should have a continuous mix (no gaps) of your tape when uploading.

Link: Mixcloud


This is hands down one of the largest audiences available to promote your mixtape.  All you need to do is make a video of your mixtape, you can use your front & back cover and shape it into an HD format size (1920×1080).

Link: YouTube


This is an excellent site that offers free countdown timer for your mixtape (or album) and it’s recent website update has some stunning looks!

Link: AudioMack

Rob Luna Music

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