But Don’t Forget The Cover Art!

So you have your music project that you worked so hard on, and yeah it’s almost ready to drop to your fans…but you reached that point where you can’t quite really decide on what your album or mixtape cover will look like yet.

But let’s be logical.  To get it right, all you really have to do is to think how your fans think.  You see, most of them will “see it before they hear it”, especially when it’s up on streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify.

So that’s why it is very important for your cover to stand out and it does not matter if it’s a single, album, compilation or even a mixtape.  Image is key.  But do you really need to get something custom drawn or made?

Many graphics artists will charge hundreds of dollars to design your cover from scratch.   If you can afford that, then there is nothing wrong with that.  But is it?

At the same time, if you can save money, why not right?  What if all you needed was a catchy cover, inexpensive, and where all you had to do was add your own text to it and then you’re set?

We think we have the answer for you.  The answer is pre-made and only $20!

Check out our covers for only $20!