Depressing Facts about Hip Hop


Jay-ZThere is a video going around from BuzzFeed, it was put together to bring light to some strange and even sad facts in hip hop.  It’s up on YouTube and WorldStar HipHop.  It has a lot of facts that were put together in a presentation style video.

One of the interesting facts is that the group “Black Eyed Peas” has out-sold rap mogul “Jay-Z” in worldwide sales!

Did you know that basketball player “Shaquille O’Neal” has an album that went platinum? But check this out, the legendary Boston rap group “Gang Starr”, famous for “Check The Technique” never ever achieved platinum status?

Most of us know that Eazy-E never wrote his own lyrcs, but did you know that “Diddy” also does not write his own lyrics, let alone produced any instrumental beats?

Dr Dre has some explaining to do, for instance, why his much anticipated “Detox” album already 10 years late? Could it be that his headphones got in the way?

Then you have the famous ATL group “Outkast”, who has not released an album in over 7 years and it seems they wont ever!

The video also mentions how both “Snoop Dogg” and “NAS”  have never won a Grammy awards.

Then you hear talks about hip hop being dead, so it brings up the question is Hip Hop dead?  I guess it all depends if you live in places like Des Moines, Iowa or Portland, Oregon.. but all of this is interesting indeed.

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