Exclusive Interview: Cliff Po

We are back again and this time we chop it up with the homie Cliff Po, an independent recording artist and producer outta Harlem, NY.

He’s been putting in alot of hard work in the rap game. In 2013 he won “Most Promising Artist” at the Xtreme 104FM’s All Star Music Awards (ASMA).

Most recently, the Underground Music Awards (UMA) nominated him as “Artist To Watch” and of course he has many more nominations under way.

He is currently signed with “88 Music Group” and  he released over a dozen mixtapes and recently dropped his album “It’s Been Real”.


Check out how the interview went:


So What’s Up, What Part of Harlem Are You From?

“I’m from 114th & Lenox Ave. Grew up across the street from Jim Jones. Same hood as Murda Mook, Smoke DZA, Nym Lo, T-Rex they all from around the way. But I been living in Newark, NJ since 2009.”


What Type of Music Did You Grow Up Listening To As a Kid?

“Mostly Big L, Ma$e, Cam’ron, Jeru The Damaja had a southern influence I was definitely a fan of Three 6 Mafia, UGK, Scarface, Outkast, Definitely was into G-Funk as a kid but that was more production and beat wise.”

“And Naughty By Nature mainly Treach was a heavy influence on my whole style.”


Big 90’s Influence You Got…So How Long Have You Been Recording & Producing Music?

“Been recording music professionally since 2009 been producing since 13 using Garage Band, FL Studio 3, Magix Music Maker”


Talk About Your Music Group, Who Are The Members?

“My label is 88 Music Group under it is Me, Metafore Manson, Qween Push, & Zilla Cartel. Metafore Manson has his own crew called 1Nation, Zilla Cartel has his crew AWXL. Plus there’s at least 10 more artist affiliated with us like Avarex, C.Malloy, Haydeez, just to name a few.”


What’s Money Trade Capitals All About?

“It was my first crew when I first started. I wanted a more professional brand so around 2010 or 2011 I switched the name to 88 Music Group.”


So Are You or the Crew Currently Doing Any Tours or Planning On Any Soon?

“Yeah, We doing a few shows in the Tri State area. We actually just did a show at Club LIT last night (Nov 8th, 2014) our plan is to start touring across country as soon as the new year begins, haven’t really thought of a tour name we are focusing on getting the funding ready for the tour.”


Are There Any Mainstream Artists Out There That You Wanna Collab With On a Record?

“Actually, I really wanna collab with Rick Ross one day his music and hustle definitely motivates and influences my music. I always wanted to work with Nas & Cam’ron. I feel like I can make a dope club hit with Migos. Production wise J.Cole & Big Krit influence me a lot.”


So Aside From Music, What Else Motivates You?

“Success I don’t wanna be one of those artist that says politically correct stuff like family or the fans motivates me that should be obvious every artist wants to get their family out the hood. But it’s the money and success that’s gonna make that happen. So money and success is the motivation. We all do this to be wealthy right?”


Well Said, So Do You Have Any Other Passions In Life Besides Music? Any Sports or Movies?

“I actually wanna be in movies one day but none of that Tyler Perry type of bullshit I wanna be in comedies with someone like Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill or even Ice Cube following his path. I also have other business ventures that i’m working on but I cant really disclose those at moment. Its a secret.”


You’ve Put In a Lot of Work So Far!…So, If You Could Go Back To The Very Start, Would You Do Anything Different?  Do You Have Any Regrets?

“Nope. Nothing at all. I’m Cliff Po even when i’m gone i’m still gonna be KING.”




Check out his Music Video for “Pass The Green”, directed by Vizual Insights.


His latest release “It’s Been Real” up on Soundcloud.

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