Exclusive Interview: Jae Luis

RobLunaMusic.com got the opportunity to interview Jae Luis, a R&B/Pop singer, songwriter & performer outta Tampa Florida.

Jae Luis
Jae Luis

Check out what he had to say in our exclusive interview:

What Motivates You To Do Music?

“My family. I see how hard my family works and all though we are grateful for what they have I feel they deserve way more than what they have.  God has given me the answer and I will showcase it to the world.”


Have You Always Believed in God?

“How can I not believe in my father? God is the answer to all questions and they way to better.  There is no believing in something you know. I know he is there watching over us.”


If You Could Change One Thing About The World, What Would It Be?

“Free love, back in the 60’s it was all about love. I dont watch the news anymore because all I see is hatred and negativity.”


You Grew Up In Boston, What Do you Remember Most About Your Childhood?

“Oh man, my grandma had this huge house and the whole entire family was always there everyday.  Humphreys Street is what I loved about my childhood. Water gun wars in the summer with cookouts and music.  Sawing milk crates to play basketball and football in the snow. Those were the days.”


How Does It Feel To Be A Father?

“Greatest gift in the world. My son will be the better me and I will make sure to give him everything he needs to become the greatest man he can be.  Words can’t explain what he means to me. He is my all.”


Are You Into Sports? Do You Have a Favorite Sports Team?

“BASKETBALL!!!! man if its not a mic in my hand its a basketball. I played when I was a child and in school.  Till this day I play atleast 2-3 times a week. One day I will be the “old school” on the court. There’s always an “old school” on the courts lol.”

“Fav sports team is OKC, ive been following Durant since he played for the sonics.”


How About Movies? Do you Have An All Time Favorite?

“Indian in the Cupboard lol.”


Which Artist or Artists Out There Inspire You The Most and Why?

“Usher, Usher was signed as a young voice and everything was bright for him until he hit maturity and his voice changed.  People were doubting him and he never gave up on his dream and continued on his path.  He reminds me of me. Never giving up and sticking to the plan. Now he is one of the biggest artists. He inspires me.”


Who Would You Love To Collaborate With?

“There are many but to name a few, Tunechi, Tyga, Chris Brown, Usher, Jay-Z, Kanye and many more.”


And Finally, What Advice Would You Give To Kids Out There Aspiring To Be Like You?

“Never let anyone tell you not to believe in what you want to believe in. If you can imagine it you can be it. Close your eyes and create it then make it real.”




Check out this dope video “Whateverr” by AftrrParty Featuring Jae Luis.


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