Exclusive Interview: The Gentleman

This time we we catch up with East Coast hip hop producer, “The Gentleman”.   He is a beatmaker, recording engineer and he is affiliated with “It’s A Wrap! Music”.

This producer really puts in hard work into his beats and you can hear the quality right away as it has a clean, well produced consistent sound.

He’s big into making east coast genre type beats and has cranked out dozens of beat tapes.  His work can be found all over, especially on sites such as DatPiff, The Mixtape Hub and Coast2Coast.

“Knowing who one is, what one stands for, and what one is willing to fight for. To be a Gentleman is to know the world around you and the people that make it up. It is a deep felt respect for the thoughts and ways of others.

It is to embrace the beauty of humanity, to find the good in all those around you, and to commit yourself to bringing out the best in those you meet while bringing out the best in yourself! To act nobly in deed and word is to set a Gentlemanly example!

We got a chance to chop it up, here is how the interview went:


So How Did You Get The Name “The Gentleman”?

“Just being one of the nicest kids and not getting caught up in nonsense. When I started music production some odd years back I went by the name “Young Gentleman” until I got older. Standing out in a group of people, “The” was to signify I’m the one and only. Having a name im proud to live up to is important to me.”


Where Are You From Originally?

“New Jersey…Vineland to be exact but didn’t live there long enough to remember.”


So You’re Down By Philly Right? What’s The Music Scene Like These Days?

“I’m in the middle of Philadelphia and New York..which makes up for the lack of platforms in New Jersey. We do not have any major radio stations or clubs, but the love n respect we get on the east coast is heavy. When it comes to the music scene I think the east coast sound is so timeless. We make riding music that will be epic for generations to listen to. Creating a major platform in new Jersey is long overdue..”


Word, So What Motivated You Into Making Beats?

“Passion for music..my whole family is involved in production so I owe a lot of inspiration and insight to them. Artists also motivate me, any crowd I’m in one out of three people either has bars or knows someone who does so I’m constantly networking. I have not met one that says “no, I don’t need beats” which makes me the life of the party, I just gotta hit play.”


Tell Us About “It’s A Wrap! Music”, Whats It All About?

“That’s the production label..artists, songwriters, dj’s, photographers, graphix designers, etc… when someone cuts me a check I’ll name drop, i don’t know anything about burning bridges so when it comes to music we are all doing this off chemistry and the love for hip-hop. I.A.W. is a plethora of relationships..get a few of us together, “It’s A Wrap”. ”


Which Mainstream Artist Would You Love To Work With?

“So many to name, I would be honored to work with anyone mainstream. To answer the question I’m going to say Jay-Z, can you get any more mainstream than that LOL.”


So…Based On Your Experience, How Would You Define The Word “Success”?

“Success is a mission complete in my eyes. Being able to create and fulfill a task and/or goal with positive results.”


When You’re Not In The Studio…What Do You Like To Kick Back On And Do For Fun?

“I like to chill in good company..over 1k beats so if you got bars it can go down anywhere..we never turn the music off so we turn the whip into the stu if we have to. It’s a 24/7 thing for me I don’t do the unnecessary partying unless it’s music related.”


You Into Any Sports? Got Any Favorite Teams You Watch?

“I enjoy watching football & boxing, Pittsburgh Steelers being my favorite team. To be completely honest, I don’t pay much attention to a television, it requires you to turn down the music or turn it off.”


Straight Business! What Advice Could You Give To Aspiring Producers Out There?

“Perfect your craft and the opportunities will present itself. What you do with those opportunities will impact your business, So remain humble and make sure your last project is your best project. Take it one day at a time and make sure everything looks professional at all times. If you notice complications in your work ethic others will also.”



You Make It Hard (Prod By The Gentleman)


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