The Five Places You Need to be Promoting Your Music

MusicSo, you started with a powerful instrumental beat, and layered it with vocals and samples to make it your own. Now you are ready to get it out in the world. No matter how good you are, it doesn’t matter if no one knows it. The web offers a dizzying array of music, social media and networking sites. But, if you tried to maintain a presence everywhere, you’d have no time left to create the music you are there to promote. If you are a one-woman or one-man show doing all your own promo on your own, make sure you are at least on the sites below:


Bandcamp is the one music site that even non-musicians can name. A presence there is pretty much expected.  But, don’t just slap up a profile and a few tunes and forget it. Make sure that you set up your page attractively, with an eye-catching banner, and image-mapped links to lead listeners through your content. Pick your tags wisely, using those that fit what users will enter to find acts like you. And, make sure that your best track with a great instrumental beat is the first to play on your page. That way, when people find you through Bandcamp’s “discover” feature, they’ll stick around to hear more.


This site lets you sell MP3s, CDs and even vinyl to your fans. Use their widget for a plug and play option for sales on your site. Plus, CDBaby gives you the ability to get onto music finding apps like Spotify, Rhapsody and Pandora.  Also, with CDBaby, you can easily sell your music in iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Google Play.


If you do mixtapes, this is one site you must be on. It’s easy to get started: just make a membership and you can upload your mixtape for free. Just stay away from services that sell DatPiff downloads or views. These are often bots or people paid to surf; they will never become fans. A few other well deserved mentions that compete with DatPiff are sites like Live Mixtapes, Mixtape Hub and Hot New Hip Hop.


YouTube can open doors, just ask Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone.  It provides a way for MILLIONS of viewers to potentially hear you as an artist.  Make a channel and keep it populated with fresh stuff. Make remixes, make play lists. Vlog a bit. The key here is consistency and quality. And, make sure you allow users to embed your videos so that they can share your tracks with their friends.


You are on Twitter, right? You better be, because your audience is. Over one-quarter of folks between 18 and 29 use Twitter. You just have to look at the follower numbers of some of the biggest acts to see how worth it it is: Nicki Minaj has over 17 million followers; Pitbull and Lil Wayne each boast about 14 million. And, even underground and unsigned artists can build up followings into the hundreds of thousands. How to promote on Twitter could fill a whole post, so, here’s the highlights: post often without overloading folks (2 to 3 times a day is fine); show love to other artists (no one wants to hear non-stop self promotion bs); use every tool available (great Vine videos get reshared all over). As long as you promote online wisely, give music lovers what they want and make yourself a consistent presence, you will find, over time, that you can grow an audience eager for your track  Since we are talking about Twitter, check out this great article on why you should never buy followers too.


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