Five Ways You Can Make Your First Mixtape a Hit

It’s a huge milestone: you are putting together your first mixtape and getting yourself in the game. Want to make a splash? Do the things you see below:

One: Bring in a Dope DJ

If this is your first time out, having a bigger name behind you can only help. Reach out to up and coming DJs and find one who loves your music and supports what you do. You can find your DJ through a number of channels:

  • Check out your local scene.
  • Get on Twitter and strike up a conversation.
  • Get to know someone through DatPiff or another social network.

Two: Find the Right Studio

Many people record respectable mixtapes on home set-ups. But, a professional studio gives you more predictable, solid results. Talk to other hip hop artists about where they record and how they felt about the place. A quality studio will have excellent equipment and engineers who can guide you through the process. Talk to people at a few different studios to find out what services are offered.

Studio Time and How to Use it Efficiently

Three: Get an Engineer

Your studio may have a good one on staff. Or, you may want to bring in your own guy. A skilled engineer can make all the difference between a subpar mixtape and a professional, compulsively listenable tap.

Four: Invest in Professional Cover Art

A skilled graphic artist who understands your music and your brand can make or break your mixtape. You need an eye-catching, pleasing cover. As to see samples of their work and to talk to other artists they have worked with.

Your artist should be adaptable and be able to produce a number of unique styles. You don’t want your cover looking like everybody else’s, right? Make sure you pick someone who is flexible and able to translate your ideas to the page.

But, you have to meet your artist halfway. Provide high quality pictures and complete and accurate info. If you want your Soundcloud, Twitter or other info on your cover, make sure you give your artist the materials he/she needs.

Alternatively, you can save money by purchasing premade covers.

Five: Build Your Social Network Contacts

This is something that should be an ongoing thing. Make friends on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Don’t just promote and tell people to buy your stuff. Engage in conversation, talk up other artists and share a freebie here and there. Social networking involves a lot of back and forth, and the relationships you build will pay off in the end.

Written exclusively for Rob Luna Music