Five WordPress Plug-Ins Every Musician Should Have

Wordpress PluginsFor those working on building a following, a website on your own domain is a must. And, WordPress is the easiest way to get it done. WordPress is an incredibly customizable software that is also incredibly easy to install. Most hosts have one-click install buttons that make it virtually effortless to launch your site, even if you do not have strong tech skills. This platform also has a ton of plug-ins that you can use to get the most out of your site. The ones that are a must:


SoundCloud Master

Embed your new tracks, songs or instrumental beats directly into blog posts or pages of your site using this simple widget. This plug-in does not rely on AJAX or JavaScript, which means that they are bug and error free. You can choose between lite and advanced versions so that you have as few or as many features as you want. for WordPress

This plug-in is a widget that displays the tracks you’ve listened to recently. It’s a great way to show a little love to your fellow artists and give your fans a peek at the music that inspires and influences you. This sort of look inside is great for starting conversations with your fans and building your relationships.

Discography for WordPress

Update your list of releases in one simple, elegant plug-in. It automatically creates a page for every new release, which is great for your SEO. On each page, fans can comment and send links to your tracks to all of their friends.


Interaction with listeners is key to building your fan base. This simple plug-in creates a clean and barebones forum on your site. Fans of your music can connect with you and one another. To keep people showing up, release tracks for forum-members only and show up often to join in discussions.


You’re already keeping up with fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks, right? Lifestream republishes all of your updates in one place so fans can get a look at all of them at a glance. It allows you to create a cohesive narrative about yourself as an artist and draw in new listeners.
These are just a handful of plug-ins that add content, variety and character to your online presence. The frequently updated content builds your site and increases your rankings in the search engines so you are easier to find. And, it brings your music and your interactions to your site so your fans can find everything they need in a single place.


Written exclusively for Rob Luna Music