Full Breach Volume 2: Hosted by DJ Kurupt

Full Breach: Volume 2 - Hosted by DJ Kurupt
  1. Intro DJ Kurupt DJ Kurupt 0:58
  2. They Call It Murder (Prod By @RobLuna) FleyeBoi 3:29
  3. The Hometown (Prod By @RobLuna) So So The MC 3:24
  4. Payper (Prod by A-R WON) Lil Maddman 4:21
  5. Video Vixen Ft. Playboy (Prod. by Firestarter) Libra Lebron 2:59
  6. Antlike (Prod. By Joey Cutless) The Ghost of DokFreeez 5:01
  7. Yung Valor, David James, Crush Capital, Slick Worthington, FleyeBoi & Libra Lebron (Prod By @RobLuna) Goin In Cypher Part 1 4:24
  8. The Struggle Is Real Feat J.I.T. Wayne (Prod By @RobLuna) Drae Sesler 3:01
  9. Wishamuthafuckawoodz feat Keez & The Ghost of Dok Freeez (Prod By @RobLuna) Lil Maddman 4:07
  10. Seeing Things (Prod By @RobLuna) Libra Lebron 3:24
  11. Thizzel Thousand (Prod By @RobLuna) KingPrivelegP 2:53
  12. You Ain't Gottuh Be A DopeBoi Drae Sesler 3:10
  13. End of Discussion Frost Tha Coldest & Libra Lebron 3:42
  14. I'm A Boss (Prod By @RobLuna) Bizzel Ft. Eddie Mac 2:26
  15. UK FAMILY (Prod. by MisterrCha) So So The MC 2:15
  16. Same Thang (Prod By @RobLuna) Fleyeboi & KingPrivelegP 3:41
  17. Get Closer (Prod. by Retro) Libra Lebron Ft. Daydra Love 3:39
  18. Hi (prod. by A-R WON) Kash Ru Ft. Lil Maddman 2:36
  19. On My Ones (Prod By @RobLuna) Frost Tha Coldest 2:19
  20. Reveal The Scripture (Prod. By MisterrCha) So So The MC 3:34
  21. No Hesitation (Prod By @RobLuna) Lil Maddman 0:45
  22. Freaky Tonight (Prod. By Main Event West) Yung Valor Ft. Jae Luis & Cristol 2:51
  23. Outro DJ Kurupt DJ Kurupt 0:34