Meet The Genius Behind 535Music – The Music Social Network

In this interview we take a close chat with Sam Chiteta, the CEO and founder of 535music – a record label and music marketplace focused on turning upcoming artists into celebrities. is the worlds first ever music promotion and marketing tool to ever implement the “click-once-to-download” technology, a PHP tweak that allows music fans to download their music from Facebook or Twitter with only one click and without leaving the social network.sam

The platform makes it incredibly easy for artists to share and sale their music online without going through much hustle and pain.


For those who don’t know you, who is Sam Chiteta?

“Sam is a futuristic thinker. A young man with a highly devoted ambition to re-invent the world.”


How did you discover your gift for music?

“Starting off in Sunday school, I always used to love drums. At one point i thought i was gonna end up in a band, hopefully as a band leader. As i grew old i slowly started discovering that i was great at promoting others than writing a lyric or let alone sing.”


How did 535music come to be?

“535music was born out of frustration. I remember searching the whole internet for a record label that was willing to sign an artist regardless of their sales history, I couldn’t find any.  Went around again looking for artist branding companies, I was extremely disappointed to just say the least.. So i created the worlds first Record label/Music Marketing company – The first one of its own to kind to ever allow artists from all levels of success the opportunity to make money with their music.”


Why music, you could be doing anything else?

“Passion, mostly. The passion to see others grow and my love for rhythm.”


What drives the CEO of 535music?

“The hunger for a better version of things.”


Outside of music what else are you passionate about?

“Neuroscience and Psychology.”


What is your definition of success?

“Helping people become their best self and watching them help others achieve the same goal.”


What are some challenges you have faced?

“The greatest of them all was the self-destructive negative thoughts that flooded my mind when the future seemed uncertain. When that enemy within was conquered, the one without had no more grip over me.”


Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

“Jesus Christ. All of His character and being is my definition of what man was meant to be.”


What advise would you give to young aspiring dreamers that want to achieve their dreams?

“If all things are possible with God and the God of all possibilities duels within you, then by logic and by law.. there is absolutely nothing impossible with you.”


What is your life motto?

“Be all you ever dreamt of being.. Today!”


What is on Sam Chiteta’s Top 3 of what to do everyday?

“Visualize, Read, Work.”


On a lighter note, what is on your playlist right now?

“Even in my free time, I am always reading or listening to an audio book. This time it’s Michio Kaku – The physics of the future.”


Finally, what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

“I wanna leave a story of hope especially to the less privileged and under looked in society. I wanna leave the ideology that if an orphaned kid from the very lowest shades of life could rise up this high and be ranked among the great ones of society. Then anybody by the elevation of their thoughts, can dream big to heights only limited by their imagination.”



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