Over 65,000 Downloads for Full Breach Volume 3!

Full Breach: Volume 3 - Hosted by DJ Bobby Black

DJ Bobby BlackIt’s not often that an independent mixtape reaches 65k downloads on Datpiff.  We were lucky to team up with DJ Bobby Black, aka “The Ruler” who pretty much murdered this release.  Down & Dirty! is one of his signature drops that can be heard all up in this mix, bringing lots of hype and celebrity shout outs too.

First joint of this mixtape was “All About Money” by Carolina Reign, a rapper from South Carolina who is multi-talented in his craft when it comes to rapping, singing and even producing beats.  His other joints included collaborations with “Ganktown Durt”.

The Eastcoast maintained a huge presence on this mixtape with heavy hitters like “Frost Tha Coldest”, “Ray Turner”, “Joon”, “Libra Lebron”, “Shaun Wynn”, “So So The MC”, “E-Mac”, “Don Gang” , “Crill Gates“, “Bizzel”, “Kush King”, “Thai” and outstanding production and engineering work  from Dolla “Beatknocka” Griffin.

Many of the Full Breach mixtapes usually feature a cypher, however this one missed it due to production delays.

Westcoast fires back with Lil Maddman (who retired from music) but plenty more dope spitters like “Joe Yung”, “Kodac” and “Baby 2-3”, who collaborated on track #15 called “City of Angels”, which has a classic westcoast sound.   The mixtape also included “The Ghost of Dok Freeez” and “Izzy Muerto”.

You know we can’t forget about “Holly G” and “S Dot P Dot” holding down Chi-Town as always, contributing some heat with their joint “Low Key”.

Shout out to the producers who helped make this mixtape possible, AR-Won, Maddman, Dannson Beats, Kizzy On The Track, Lil Lody, Beatknocka, 1Handsome Polo and KnockOut.  There were also several industry beat remixes and freestyles featured as well. Almost half of the tracks were produced by Rob Luna.

Be sure to grab your copy of Full Breach Volume 3 today and check out DJ Bobby Black’s website.

Written exlusively for RobLunaMusic.com