Soundcloud Spotlight: Annex

The name; Annex. The meaning; To take over without permission. As broad as it may seem, that is the plan that Annex has devised for the local hip-hop scene in the Tampa Bay area.

With his flamboyant, yet crisp lyrical delivery, mending with his creative northern style production, Annex hooked up with a young, up and coming producer from the bay (Trak) to re-create his musical past. A-Dub plans to start a hip-hop movement like no other.

Annex has collaborated with some of the bay’s most promising up & coming artists such as, Laws, Jinx, Vayga, Mason Caine & many more. Annex shows that he is nothing but focused. No release date is set, but you can which assured it will be straight fire, burning whatever shelf, CD slot or tape deck it sits on.