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Billboard Runs The Music Game

Billboard is a music magazine based out of New York City and has been around since 1894 but it became about music around the 1960s. They are very well known and respected in the music industry for maintaining weekly record charts, like the “Hot 100” and “Billboard 200”. Billboard exists primarily for record label professionals, …

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The Five Places You Need to be Promoting Your Music

So, you started with a powerful instrumental beat, and layered it with vocals and samples to make it your own. Now you are ready to get it out in the world. No matter how good you are, it doesn't matter if no one knows it. The web offers a dizzying array of music, social media and networking sites. But, if you tried to maintain a presence everywhere, you'd have no time left to create the music you are there to promote. If you are a one-woman or one-man show doing all your own promo on your own, make sure you are at least on the sites below:

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