What Are Apple Music’s Requirements For Cover Art?

In order to properly submit your music to Apple Music, your album or single cover artwork needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Dimensions / Pixel Size: At least 1600 x 1600 pixels  (our covers at RobLunaMusic meet these requirements)
  • Resolution: at least 72 dpi (our covers at RobLunaMusic meet these requirements)
  • Format: JPG, PNG, or GIF (most people use JPG or JPEG)   (our covers at RobLunaMusic meet these requirements)
  • Aspect Ratio: Must be a perfect square (our covers at RobLunaMusic meet these requirements)
  • Best quality RGB Color Mode (this includes black and white images). No blurry or pixelated images

As noted above, making sure that your cover art is the right size – in shape, dimensions or pixels – this is very important. Additionally, make sure you’re submitting your cover art in the right file format.

You will want to generally make sure you don’t include the following in your cover art:

  • Pornographic images
  • Any email addresses, URLS/websites, contact info (this includes social media accounts), or stuff like prices
  • Stickers from your artwork from a scanned copy of physical CD
  • Anything that suggests format of the release “CD, DVD, Digital Exclusive, disc”
  • Any cut-off text or images
  • Any image that’s been compressed or scrunched to one corner with white spacing
  • Names of digital stores or their logos – this is bad practice.
  • Words that express time, like saying “new”, “latest single”, “limited edition” or “exclusive”.  Try to stay way from that.
  • If you’re releasing a single ahead of a new album, the title of the single must be the release name, not the album!
  • Names of other artists in your artwork even if you are covering their song.  This creates confusion.