Why You Should Never Buy Followers In 2020

Once you have a Twitter account up and running to promote your music, you gotta get some fans to follow you. It can feel like a hard slog through concrete. You post, you re-tweet, you @ message, but, you seem to only get a few followers a day.

Anyone marketing online will eventually run across people selling Twitter followers. It’s often pretty cheap, 2000 or more for $5. While, instantly having a large follower list can be really tempting, it is gonna hurt you more than it will help.

Those Followers Will Never Be True Fans

Almost none of the followers you get are real people who will listen to your music. They are, instead, bot accounts operated by one or two people who will never even look at your tweets. You will probably never sell a single hip hop track or get one solitary new body at a show based on the followers you buy.

They’ll Probably Disappear in a Few Days

Okay, so, they’re not fans. But, they at least make you look like you got a following, right? Wrong. Often, when you buy likes, those followers disappear as quickly as they appeared. A lot of the accounts get banned for spamming. Or, unethical bot account holders will un-follow as quick as they followed so that naïve buyers have to engage their services all over again. Either way, the money you spent to bring in new followers goes right down the drain.

They Can Get You Suspended for Spamming

Twitter can get a little trigger-happy if they even suspect you are gaming their influence system. People who buy likes artificially put themselves higher in the Top Posters list. And, it’s real obvious to their system, because all those likes appear in a period of hours. Worst, those likes you buy are almost certainly from accounts that have themselves been flagged for spam.

So, how do you really get Twitter followers?

Post online when you have something to offer. It’s best when it’s something that benefits your followers way more than it does you, like a free track or free beats.

Interact. Re-tweet other acts when they announce shows or new tracks. They will repay the favor.
Don’t just promote. Share funny observations, killer Vines and images from your life as a hip hop artist. By truly engaging with other hip hop lovers, you will gain yourself genuine Twitter fans.

Written exclusively for RobLunaMusic.com